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St. Francis Xavier Girl's High School Luxmibazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


St. Francis Xavier's Girls' High School is a well reputed historical school in the old Dhaka City. The congregation of the lady of Christian Missions established this school in 1912 at Luxmi Bazar. Since 1912 up to 1972 it was an English Medium School was moved to Mohammadpur and from then it is the most prominent Bengali Medium School in old Dhaka for the girls.

Front side of school

Inside of school


This renowned school is situated in the heart of old Dhaka near the famous Bahadur Shah Park. Around this school there are many other schools and colleges.


Due to increased number of students a new school building was erected in 1993. In 1998 the school was completely transferred to the new school building. We have a five storied L shaped new school building. In front of it there is a moderate play ground for the students and a Basket Ball. There are four sections in every class. In every section there are about 60 to 70 students. The school sits at 7:40 a.m. and breaks up at 1:25 p.m. Although run by the Christian Church, this school is open for student of all religions and castes.


The present honorable Headmistress of the school is Sister Renu Maria Palma. She is a B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. She tries her best to provide an environment where the students can develop their potential, a sense of right and wrong and a belief in their own worth.


This school provides sixty efficient teachers. They are every friendly and dedicated to the students. They have a long tradition of encouraging students to discover their gifts and abilities in a secure and happy environment.


With approximately 2,500 students, it is small enough genuine community but Lange enough to support wide ranging academic offerings. Here students not only study but also acquire many human virtues like discipline, punctuality, kindness and so on.


About 200 students appear S.S.C. examination from this school and pass with good grades. A good number of students receive talent pool and general scholarship both in Primary and Junior scholarship examination.


This famous school holds Annual Sports Competition, Cultural week, Prize giving Ceremony, Science Fair, Baishakhi Mela and all the National Days activities. Students take part in National School Debate Competition on T.V. and obtain various prizes and feel the school proud. The students also take part in extra curricular activities through recitation club, quiz club, art club and English club.


The school distinguished itself with the activities of Girls' Guide and Yellow Birds. The students also run Peace and Justice Committee to help the poor and distress. The school publishes an Annual Magazine organize seminars and go to study tours every year.


The aim of the school is to educate the students in the fullest sense so that after leaving the school, the students may be confident and have the ability to express them clearly.

St. Francis Xavier's Girls' High School(1912)
Address : 83, Municipal Office Street
Luxmibazar, Dhaka - 1100
Phone : 7114099
Headmaster : Sr. Renu Maria Palma, RNDM
Sections : Humanities, Commerce & Science
E-mail :


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